Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Police State

In the sixties ( 1960 -1969) we demonstrated against many things, the war, the political atmosphere, the economic inequality (much less worse than today), and the POLICE STATE. Our college students took the brunt, 4 getting killed by national guard Soldier. Many were arrested in California, Many fled to Canada to escape the draft.

Today's "Black lives Count" march is really focused on how much worse the POLICE STATE is. Our children are stopped on the open street, searched, abused, and made to prove themselves innocent of not committing any possible crime, any uncharged crime. All the while the Police are breaking the 4th Amendment's command that the people are to be secure in their persons, except on issue of warrant based on probable cause. There is no probable cause to take our freedom because the Police have chosen to. They have changed from a "presumption of innocence" to a presumption of "guilt", even "terrorist".

Taking to the streets is simply begging the Police State to quit being what it is: the reaction of the frightened and cowards that are our Representatives. They have all, from the President, Congress, Department of Justice, down to the police on the street, sworn to "protect and defend the Constitution". They don't. They kill people without arrest, charge, indictment, trial and conviction. They deny any and  all "due process of law". They refuse to prosecute equally. White Aristocratic Representatives, policemen, CIA agents, Executive officers, can kill and torture with impunity. The President has failed to seek indictments for civil rights violations of the dead black children and unarmed adults. The President as failed to seek indictments for violations of the laws, treaties, and Constitutional prohibitions against torture, (4th, 5th, and 8th Amendments).
We must rid ourselves of a Government of Representatives and "the Republic" for they stand and replace this failed Republican form of government and replace it with an Actual Democracy - and I'm talking about "parties". The people vote for entertainers every day of the week, on TV talent shows. The people debate all issues over public media, every minute of every day. We vote and debate, all the time, today. We therefore can vote directly on the laws under which we live. We can have a majority of the 200,000,000 million registered voters choose the laws under which we live. If 2 heads are better than one 200 million are better than the 538 Representatives in Congress. See http://assocacctualdemocracy.com,

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