Friday, December 5, 2014

A personal whine...

Just , I don't know, disappointed with America, myself, the lack of caring and lack of justice. The killing of people by the police is a horror to me. I heard a police supporter on CNN say Garner didn't obey the policeman who was arresting him. Disobedience of police order gets immediate death sentences, now , I thought. Others said we need to get policemen cameras so everyone can see what's going on. I just disagree. We need to have policemen that don't need to be watched. Policemen who respect and honor all citizens. Who will arrest everyone that needs to be charged with committing a crime. But not shoot them down in the street. And we need citizens who get on grand juries who respect the dead as well as the police but respect the idea of civilization more. And I want to tell the black citizens that maybe they should join the NRA and teach their children to shoot... But it isn't even funny. Why are we at odds over race, class, political party? Why do we fear of each other, fear "foreigners" and "immigrants"? The real question is why aren't we trying to get better public servants? We need to pay them more help them more and not tolerate talk about "They're like animals" meaning "The others" not like themselves... And I don't just mean policemen. Our teachers are paid poorly, our Representatives are pathetic people who sell their office even before they run for it because it doesn't pay enough for people to want it if they can't take bribes. Disappointed, tired, tired of being tired. Our children grow up less free than we did. Way past bed time. Just mumbling

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