Saturday, December 13, 2014

Response to a Black mother with a son looking to "pass".

We owe our children a world where the Civil war was won, slavery ended, 3 amendments added to the Constitution: 13 ending slavery, 14 giving due process of law and the equal protection of the law, 15 giving black men the right to vote. Black women had to wait a long as white women on the vote, another 60 years, until 1920. But the written law has not gotten into the 'hearts and minds' of the American Culture. Racism is a fear and a prejudice that should shame it's owner. It is too frequently used as a divisive leverage point to keep "you and him fighting" and not seeing what has been taken from both of you while you are fighting: your virtue, integrity, and courage. Our children should grow up where those around them mock the racist, explain how he is a frightened person with no insight to the human condition, that he shares with all men and women. That day will come. It will come not when we are all one color through the evolution the foolish deny, but when the color of a man's skin is not praise-worthy or denigrating: when we grow up. We owe a mature society of honorable men who don't shout down at difference but embrace it. Who believe we are all better when each person reaches, or nearly reaches, his full potential for contributing and giving to his society while getting the physical and emotional support we all need from each other. Hopefully the guys working on longevity will get us 1000 year life-spans. We may need them before our children find this world of virtue.

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