Friday, December 19, 2014

Government service unions and firing... NYTimes Brooks Column

Brooks claims that public-sector unions have become an impediment to reforms. What reforms is he talking about? Firing bad cops and firing bad teachers. The real joke is that the unions don't hire the people that government wants to fire. The representatives of the people hire them. And the laws governing the hiring and firing process are all written by, you guessed it, our government representatives. So the easy conclusion is the Government has hired incompetent workers and negotiated away the right to fire incompetent workers. So the problem is the Unions, who simply obey the law and argue that their members need protection from arbitrary firing by politicians, a process known to occur when new politicians need to pay off election supporters with government jobs. Now the politicians who negotiated away the power to remove incompetent workers want the power back. Why don't they just change the law? Because they lack the courage to do so. The people can't interfere because Representative have been corrupted and sides are dug in. There are too many government workers and too few Representatives competent enough to serve the people and keep the sizes of unions down and their own corruption minimal. But they will sell jobs for votes and votes for rich and powerful money. Put in an Actual Democracy, where the People vote on the laws directly and remove Representatives who don't represent the people. The Republic has failed, in more ways then this. See

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