Monday, December 8, 2014

We don't need special prosecutors for police killings

We don't need "Special Prosecutors". In fact we don't need or believe that anyone or anything is "Special". We simply need honest, hardworking, public servants who believe that truth and justice and the good of the people should take precedence over their self-serving personal greed for fame, money, and power. We need citizens who know all of us are corrupt and therefore we should not trust others to govern us, without corruption. They never have and they never will. Vote for all the representatives you wish to. Select the finest men, the best and the brightest, and they will get corrupted and make laws to benefit themselves, their class, religion, family, and, sometimes, the people. But the people are in last place. Every revolution is one where the government is so corrupt the good people, often at the cost of many of their lives, throw the bad government out and become the good government. Then they in turn are corrupted and another revolution is needed. The lie that there are special people: philosopher kings, benign dictators, needs recognized as a lie. It is told so people will not believe they can govern themselves. That they are not wise enough, just enough, bright enough, courageous enough, involved enough, care enough, smart enough, good enough, honest enough to govern themselves. But no matter who governs us, they are a person. And if we are not wise enough to govern ourselves how can they be wise enough to govern others? A solution:

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