Thursday, December 11, 2014

Duty, Honor, Torture

The American people are again shown that Rousseau was right: "Elected Representatives are elected Aristocracy". And the Aristocracy is above the law. These men who ordered torture and by doing so broke United Nations Treaty agreements, the United States law against torture, the Constitution's mandate that "no one can be compelled to testify against himself", "The people have the right to be secure in their persons, papers and effects" and that "no cruel or unusual punishments" shall be applied. AndI don't want to talk about moral and ethical violations that condemn our representatives, the doctors, lawyers, soldiers, and executive officials, Congressional officials, and even Judicial officials (habeas corpus was denied and the Supreme Court kept its hands clean by making no rulings it knew the Executives would not enforce. And we knew it was happening and put our moral, legal, and ethical blinders on. In 2007 or 2008 this News Paper published the U.N. findings on American Torture at Gitmo. All of this new found indignation is disgusting. We will not indict this outright gang of RICO Conspirators. We will no ask for our money back from the consultants. And the men who have put 200,000 men in prison since the 2002 war started for breaking Federal law will not be put into Federal prisons. They are Special People. "Too Big to Jail". Jail is only good for people whose crimes are not under full force of National Corruption. "Duty, Honor, Torture" will forever be our anthem.

But no defending the laws and applying them to all law breakers breaks the Social, legal, and moral contract that binds us. It says there is no equality between the ruling class and the ruled class. Just like they have their own health system, they have their own justice system. And it give them immunity to kill, maim, and torture under any circumstances anyone who they care to. Their citizens, the citizens of any country in the world, and even some presidents of other countries. They rule us. They rule the world. They have no honor, no respect for law, and still are immune from punishment because of the timid cowardice of we the people. We take it. We condone it, because we know we are complicit in it.

The laws they break only applied to us. They are Special. We are not. We are the herd-animals and they are the Shepherds. We obey. They command. They commanded that every humane stance, every legal stance, every American dream of equality and justice under law that every soldier believed, and believes, they fight and die for, was to be violated, "for the good of the people". They commanded and we obeyed the closing our law books, our Church doors, our school doors, and everything we believed made us a great and good nation and had us, at their command, desecrate all of that. I missed the Rise of the American Nation but I have witnessed the Fall of the American Nation.

And now, the real burial of America, the rule of law, the equal protection of the law, FOR ALL, is taking place. All the men, all our Representatives, Executive officer, and Judicial officers have chosen to set aside their personal oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Instead they choose to protect and defend the impunity of those who work for us in the Government that they give themselves for violating the Constitution. The Torture Regime of the Executive branch defecated on the Constitution and those who do not punish them wipe the torturer's clean with the Bill of Rights.

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