Saturday, December 13, 2014

Our Aristocratic Representatives and what they do.

Our Aristocratic Representatives Support torture, deny evolution, call down God onto their opponents, deny temperature and energy increase in the atmosphere, empower banks to pay 1% interest and collect 30% interest, deny equal protection of the laws to their citizens, deny equal economic and educational opportunity to their citizens, have special health care laws for the aristocrats of Congress, have the aristocratic Government officials immune to indictment for murder, torture, and trillion dollar fraudulent financial transactions (several times in one generation), send jobs overseas, let Corporations write the laws that govern them, subsidize the energy corporations and food producing corporations, sell their votes and office to anyone and everyone who can give them a few hundred thousand dollars. And still, our Aristocrats of Government get a good rating of 12%. "What fools these mortals be." Remove the Aristocratic Republic and replace it with An Actual Democracy where the people vote on the laws as they vote for entertainers and debate which aristocratic Representative is the worst. See and

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