Monday, November 10, 2014

Response to article about ignorance of Senators.

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All my life I was told managers don't need to know how to do what their workers do, only get them to do it. It's part of the "dumbing down" generations. Most congressmen don't know which end of the screw driver goes in the hand. So why should they understand Cosmology, Evolution, Energy and Entropy. They obviously haven't read Shakespeare, Gibbon, or any philosophy either. Their job is to spend 4 trillion dollars a year. Their backers tell them how to, if they wish to keep the backing, and they do it very well, thank you. The fact that our underpaid educators don't educate is right in line with our underpaid Representatives don't Represent, us. The corruption of our Representatives, before they can even run for office and sell it, is systemic. We have made a virtue out of it. It gives us something to whine about. Of course the easy fix of changing the Constitution and becoming an Actual Democracy gets pooh hoohed, mocked, laughed at, denigrated in every possible way. But as a sworn member of the 'lunatic fringe' I know we will soon begin campaigning to have the people vote directly on the laws, the Executives, and the Judges. Its our only salvation, save revolution, and we will never do that because the means of Amending the Constitution is solid, used, and soon to be used again. End this failed Republic by finally making the U.S. the first Actual Democracy in the world. Replace the hope for freedom and equality with your votes for them. See & join.

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