Thursday, November 6, 2014

Post 2014 Election remark to NT

As the commercial says,"Everybody knows that." The government is broken. The Representatives don't represent the people, they represent the rich and powerful. The representatives are not bad people. We have a bad form of government: we vote for law makers but need, to vote for laws.  Neither our voices nor our votes count. Until we make this nation an Actual Democracy, where the people debate and vote directly for the laws under which they live we will be ignored, ruled, and used to serve the ends our Representatives are influenced to choose. This corruption will end only when we remove "The Republic of the United States" and replace it with "the Democracy of the United States". We vote for entertainers on TV. We debate every issue in social media. If we can vote and debate issues we can debate and vote on laws and not representatives to make the laws, to choose our executives, and select the judiciary, "FOR US". Corruption will only end when there is no one who can be corrupted, no one to use the power we give them against us and for special interests. If no one can be influenced to make laws for 'special' people then the laws must be made by 'ALL' the people. The rich and powerful politicians, now ironically called 'Fathers', who wrote the Constitution made sure people did not vote for laws, for Executives, or for Judges.  We must amend the Constitution so we vote directly for laws, the Executives, and judges: see Join it, and support it.

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