Thursday, February 9, 2017

Overcome this Government

We are now free to publically curse blacks and immigrants and praise whites to no end. The Superiority of whites is now confirmed by Sessions being the Attorney General, Trump as President, Bannon as Chief advisor, etc. The poor will not get into the middle class because there will be no middle class now that the Billionaires are making the decisions without regulations on banks and financial firms. Lie after lie after lie will be told to prove Trump and the Republicans above the Constitution, Above the law, above restrictions on making money from their offices. We are seeing the moral successes of five generations going down the tubes. We are told we should have stolen other Countries natural resources while our children got slaughtered there. Torture is advocated as if the Eighth Amendment doesn't say "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" cannot be used. How can it even be discussed by our officials? Because we no longer have principles. Listen to the lies coming from the White House day after day, tweet after tweet. This paranoid set of Republicans, far worse than Nixon ever was, will destroy science, truth, and justice and make a virtue out of doing so. And criticism, even in the Senate, is no longer permitted. Unless the dissenters and marchers and resisters focus on a common goal and work to get that goal accomplished American will end. I suggest we work toward an "Actual Democracy" where the people vote directly on the laws, President, and Judges:

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