Monday, June 19, 2017

They aren't "picking on Trump"

The people are not picking on this President, any more than picked on Nixon, and then threw the man out for covering up a petty burglary. Nor are they picking on him anymore than they picked on the Great president Ronald Reagan, in the Iran Contra affair, where 14 people went to jail. After Reagan took the stand and testified many many times that he had no memory of anything about his people violating a law that Congress had passed that no military weapons go to Iran from the United States. They aren't picking on Trump at all. They are seeking the Truth. And Trump won 't tell them the truth, very often. He did say he fired Comey over the Russia thing. And he told the two Russians in the oval Office that firing the "nut job" Comey took the pressure off him. So he was flat out, from his own mouth, obstructing a Federal Investigation by firing Comey. But he never explained what the pressure was, or how it got off of him by firing Comey. But we can guess about it. Trump is trying to hide the fact that Putin has great influence over Trump and Trump also has influence over Putin. They have conspired together to use the power of both countries to get hundreds of billions of dollars, personally, out of Russian Oil, and anything else they can, working together. Most people, me included, have been mean and ugly to and about Trump. For my part is mostly about his continuous lying. But it is also about the fact that his team got the Ukrainian plank about heavy defensive weapons going to the Ukraine changed. Why? Because of Putin. And the pay back seems to be that Putin got the hacked DNC documents published by Wikileaks and strategic times during the campaign. Then there is fact that perhaps seven of Trumps men have all lied about meeting with Russians, left it off security documents that they had met with Russians, or had ever had phone calls with Russians. Why the lies? Then there is the fact that flynn ws on the phone with the Russian Ambassador, Kislyak, five or six times the day after Obama put sanctions on Russia, sent 35 Russians back to Russia, and took 2 big houses in America off of Russia. Flynn apparently told Kislyak to have Putin not react to Obama's actions, and that Trump would fix it all when Trump became President, in 2o some days. Never before had Russia not reacted to America throwing out Russians by doing like-wise and throwing out Americans from Russia, Never. But Putin did not retaliate and throw any Americans out of Russia or do anything in retaliation to Obama. I don't believe Putin took Flynn's word that everything would be OK after Trump became President. But I believe he took Trump's word. If I'm right, and God knows I've wrong in many things in my life, but if I'm right in what all this means, then Trump is going to be charged not only of obstruction of justice, like Nixon was, but he will be charged and convicted of treason. AS he he should be.

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