Sunday, June 4, 2017

Science is the backbone of progress, power for personal ends isn't...

Science works!!! Look at Television, phones, cars, planes, more and better food, better clothes, longer lives... Laugh at no following science and its results, based on physics, chemistry and biology and you are laughing at what is productive, positive, common to all life, to all the universe. Lies and power grabbing by spreading fear that "somebody is telling you what to do" is just bull shit kid stuff. Working together is not telling people what to do, it's study, research, looking the facts in the eye and then using facts to make thins improve. Trump is a person with no appreciation for anything but power, ignorance, and how to use power and ignorance to maintain his control over people. Pity so many people are willing to give up on what has worked in American since it's founding: TRUTH, JUSTICE, And what used to be "The AMERICAN way". All I See are Red states in poverty and poor schools for 40 years and people jumping on the band wagon of the philosophies that have made that poverty and ignorance..

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