Saturday, June 6, 2015

On Human Nature

Just watched "The Imitation Game". Once again I find a biography that makes me angry at all of our ancestors, and 99.9% of our contemporaries.  How many good men have been destroyed by not so good men?  There are simply times when I cannot -- Can't think  of the word, ah, I just did -- "countenance" mankind and our stupid fear and laziness that leads us to letting a set of half capable people, who believe in their own competence, and through their unrecognized prejudices, ignorances, and inhumane-ness, make decisions that lead to the tragedy and death of productive, but flawed, good human beings. Men, and women, far less flawed than the morally corrupt who impose tragedy, absurdity, and death, on 'better men' than they are.
Some examples: Socrates, Christ, Thomas Moore, Galileo, Dostoevsky, Bertrand Russell, Turing,  Oppenheimer,  and many, many more that I either don't know, have forgotten, or couldn't possibly have learned about.  Like the witches burned at the stake, the soldiers ordered into death's dream kingdom, the slaves butchered because they could be, the children starved to death, deliberately and by accident, all the victims of rape subsequently killed, or not. All of man's inhumanities to man are evidence that man does not deserve to have a life of any kind, not even an absurd one, lived in slavery, with death guaranteed, and love and hope unrequited, as we actually have.  Human Nature must be changed or destroyed, I'm for the change, but only because I'm an optimist: one who believes, against all evidence, that, in time, everything is going to be all right.
         But the only way it will be all right is, if and when, we make this world an Actual Democracy where each person votes for each law under which he lives, votes for each Executive that administers those laws, votes for each Judge who interprets those laws.
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