Thursday, June 30, 2016

Donald Trump's Failures

Donald Trump's Failures: 
Three Marriages. He was unfaithful to his wives, his vowels, and his intentions when making the vowels.
Doesn't honor his contracts: 3500 suits for non-payment. The ART of TRUMP's Deal is to not honor the deal. Use workers and subcontractors to make money on one end and don't pay them on the other end.
Failure as a citizen: Doesn't pay any taxes. Changed his political party. Changes his mind instantly if he sees a chance to make money, or now, to get votes.
Negotiates for his products to be made overseas where there are no unions, no government laws protecting against child labor, poor conditions of manufacture, and so he sells bad products under his name to the public.
He is the exceptional dis-honorable, lying, conniving, crooked New York businessman who has robbed nearly everybody he's done business with.
His answer for conflict: torture human beings. That's a "nice deal", that's a really good negotiating method.
If the Nation is failing economically "print more money". That's a thoughtful way to completely destroy a nation, that's a good negotiating tactic: cheat the whole world. It's worked for him all his life.
Financial success based on complete moral failures.
No principals, no integrity, no accountability, no honesty, and blames it all on other people, "The Mexican rapists", "The Muslim terrorists', "The irreligious", "the Administration", everybody who is not TRUMP.
Trump is a human failure, a failure as a human being: no service to the people,

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