Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Obama = Worst President: NOT TRUE

Wrong. Bigoted Untruthful. Saved us from a depression. Killed Osama Bin Lauden when the Republicans let him hide in Pakistan. Health care for millions more. Unemployment rate from 12% down to 5%. Millions and millions of jobs created. 5, sount them, 5 American service died from conflicts they were in or around last year, not thousands. Torture, you remember no " cruel or unsusual punishments" prohibited by the 8th amendment. Stock market tripled in value. Car production largest in history in U.S. Which of these FACTS make him the worst President? Just your believing lies because a "Republican" talking head said them. You let yourself be used and they use you. Look this stuff up. Don't repeat stupidity because you're lazy.

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