Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sanders solution to money in politics is too narrow, too small.

The rich buy the Representatives in the House and Senate of the United States before the Representatives even run for their office. Being 'supported' by the rich, after they call you in and flatter you about being one of those who "think alike" with the decision members of this party, is the only way the Representative can accept the 'donation', talk himself into believing the flattery is true, and then faithfully climb into the rich 'supporters' pocket, like the 'good man' they believe themselves to be.  Nothing on Earth can stop this scenario. Revolution after revolution has replaced the corrupt receivers of bribes with the 'good men' who have revolted to 'stop the corruption' only to see the new 'good leaders' get corrupted and another generation or two later a new Revolution is required.

Now, Bernie Sanders wants to take money ojut of politics, take the influence of the super rich, out of politics, take the 1% that corrupt the Representatives out of politics. Not very much of a new idea.

The only way to end this cycle of revolution and corruption is take the Representatives out of the equation. There will always be rich and powerful men ready and willing to bribe any and all
legislative Representatives. Who make the rules, rules. They rule the country by getting the laws they want enacted by their corrupted Representatives. So you stop them by making the laws YOURSELF. You vote for the laws, not your Representatives. Not your Congressman and not your Senator. The people vote directly on the laws under which they live. This take one small Amendment to the Constitution; something like this:

 1. The legislative function of the United States shall be performed directly by the people according to Article I of the Constitution and legislation that the people enact. If a bill is passed it is then sent to the President for signature, veto, or pocket veto, following Article I Section 7 of this constitution.

And, if you're going to bother to change the Constitution section on voting, whcih has been changed 7 time already, Then add:

  2. The President and Vice President of the United States shall be directly elected by the people to four year terms and shall not serve more than two such terms.
3. One ninth of the Federal Judiciary shall be elected every year by the citizens of their respective jurisdictions. Currently filled judgeships will be elected in reverse order of their years of service, longest serving is next to be elected until all have been elected.
4. The right of citizens Of the United States to directly vote for the laws under which they live, to directly carry out all other legislative functions stated in Article I of the Constitution, to directly vote for the President and Vice President, and to directly vote for the Judiciary, shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State.

Then, Senator Sanders, hyou have a real revolution, that will end with an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY, With the people running their own government, and everyone being EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW, which is the very function of a government with a Constitution. Unless you are one of the Rich and Powerful or a Representative.


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