Friday, June 10, 2016

Answer to Cuomo attacking "Citizens United" allowing huge money in politics

Of course the rich "buy" our Representatives. It's the oldest story in government, see Cassius lending money to Caesar. Of course the Supreme Court was wrong in saying the rich can buy the Representatives and it is a form of "free speech". Our Founding Politicians made sure they were the ones who made he laws, picked the President, picked the Judges, NOT THE PEOPLE. Now that we all know what history has demonstrated, the rich buy the Representatives, everyone is saying "we have to change this". No one is saying how. They look at it from the wrong side, actually backwards. We don't need to remove the money from buying the representatives from our politics, for two reasons. First it doesn't work, (see history, again). Secondly, the only way to be free of this influence, and politically free, with full and equal protection of the laws, is to make the U.S. an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY. We must vote directly on the laws we live under. We must vote directly for the Executives to administer the laws, we must vote directly for the Judges. When there is no one to bribe, when the people vote on the laws, they are free from the Oligarchic influence that "Citizens United" gives the rich and powerful. Nothing else will do it. see We must remove the Representatives and govern ourselves. There is no Democracy anywhere and there has never been one in history. The people have never ruled themselves.

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