Friday, January 16, 2015

Note on de Blasio and NYPD

The police, members of the Executive branch, turn their back on their City's Chief Executive, because that executive told his bi-racial child to not exercise free speech with the police, to not believe he will be secure in his person when dealing with the police, because the Chief Executive knew that the Constitutionally protected rights of free speech and to be secure in your person, papers, and effects were not respected in his city, by his police force, or maybe any police force in the United States. Effectively, the Chief Executive of New York told his son 'We live in a police State. Accept it, remember it, and cover yourself." All the parents of children of color tell their children that. And more parents should be telling their children. The Police got mad and turned their back on the truth. However, it is not the police that have made the police state. It is the Politically Elected officials of this Nation. And they will not tear it down. We are in the streets every day now, begging our officials to "Tear Down This Police State". They won't. Only when the people change the Constitution so they vote on the laws, like they vote for "The Voice", or "American Idol", vote directly for laws and not for other men to vote for laws, will the Police State be torn down. See It will take time, determination, a clear vision, hard work, to go from this failed Republic of the United States to the actual "Democracy of the United States" - begin.

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