Friday, January 2, 2015

American dream

In the 1950's almost all the returning war II soldiers got educated. More houses were built per year than ever before. Schools were built, education thrived. Additionally Brown vs. School board said all the black children and white children had to go to school together. The miitary-industrial complex was built to take up 40% of our tax dollars. The useless CIA was formed and then McCarthey formed the "un-american" witch hunt and fear prevailed in the land. Un-declared wars were fought and the Constitution totally undermined by the Representataives who swore to protect and defend it. But opportunty exised in the industries, the steel mills and auto factories and construction. Children got scholarships and work study programs to get educated. Homes for families and schools for childen were built. Today our Representatives have sold the American dream to Wall street: they took downpayments for homes with mortgages the people couldn't pay then sold those bad loans as AAA grade inestments - because Congress was bribed to UNREGULATE them. The world economy hasn't recoved from that disaster. And the education today is paid by unsupported loans that the kids can't pay, the government has underwritten and so the lenders and universities have a hand directly in the US treasury and the kids can't buy houses, just debts. Oh, the debts aren't subject to bankruptcy. Wall street made sure our Representatives gaurnteed they would get their money. Dream of democracy:

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