Friday, August 7, 2015

Psychologists Rule Out Future Aide for Torture

There were several M.D.s, physicians, medical doctors who supported the torturers in questioning many of the Guantanamo prisoners. doctors who stopped the torture proceedings when it looked like organ damage or nearness to death itself was obvious. Then the doctors treated the prisoners, helped them back to health, SO THE PRISONERS COULD BE TORTURED SOME MORE. These are them men, medical doctors, who had taken the Hippocratic Oath, that were the despicable villains of the torture chambers of Guantanamo, for at least 6 years. Where is the American Medical Association on this issue. Why are their outcry's? Where is the moral fiber of America on this issue. Psychologists can easily error. Doctors have a far deeper training, usually with ethics, morality, and human life and dignity given a place in their decision making training. For Doctors to support the actions of torturing fools is take a humane profession and use to impose man's inhumanities to man. We know who Mengele was in the German Death Camps. Who was his counter part in Guantanamo? Who's hiding his - or their - names? Who ever they are. They should be given the opportunity to explain their medical support of known torture. Then, if found lacking, they should be punished. Oh, and just for the new people running for President: Where are the weapons of mass destruction we paid 4,000 lives, 25,000 wounded and 4 trillion dollars to find? Maybe a new Republican President can find them?

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