Thursday, September 24, 2015

Secrecy in the Supreme Court

I disagree that there are good reasons for any secrecy in the deliberations of the Supreme Court, or for that matter in any part of our government. The purpose of 'secrete deliberations' is to hide the intentions and process of government from the governed: no other possible reason. The justices do not publish their internal debates to hide their ignorance, personal philosophies, and human characters: because the people would not "understand" or appreciate their Superior, or inferior, methods, logic, intellect and character. Which of course is not true, all men are created equal: equally fallible, equally corruptible, equally selfish and equally altruistic. They hide from cowardice, from a belief that they are superior in judgement to the 320 million of us, their obedient servants. We are slaes and puppets of two generation old philosophies of life, government, and law embedded in their failing memories. And we are forbidden to criticize their debates and those verhy philosophies that would be displayed by access to their deliberations. This is the last great bastion of government by the "philosopher kings". An historically spurned and discredited form of government that is contradicted by the Constitution itself, and then embedded in the Constitution, "for the good of the people". We need an Actual Democracy where all who serve in government are chosen directly by the people and are answerable to the people. Where the people vote directly on the laws and officers.

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