Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Actual Democracy will Accomplish

What Actual Democracy will Accomplish:

o It will remove the possibility of Legislative grid lock where Party Philosophy is more important than the country.
o Lobbying will be futile or will get focused on the Executive officers, who don't make laws.
o Budgets will get passed.
o Judge appointments will not be political.
o The Electoral College will be rescinded and gerrymandering made irrelevant.
o We will not need to 'fight city hall', we will be it.
o News media and reporters will no longer pander to Representatives and spin their messages for 'access'.
o There will be no Representatives to be bribed. No 'elected aristocracy' ruling us.
o We will have political equality.
o Money will no longer be more important than people, or the nation, or the nation's and people's future.
o The economic command and control of the people and their lives will devolve to them, through voting.
o The military will actually be under civilian control and not under political control, as party and philosophies of current representatives change.
o "Them against us " attitudes will disappear: "They" will be "us".
o "The Rich an Famous" will be that, and speak their minds, and have one vote, like all of us.
o Only elections for those who execute the laws and those who interpret the laws, and direclty by the people.

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