Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Corrupt Supreme Court

The Courts are not answerable to the people, according to Thomas Jefferson, they aren't answerable to anyone. Who tried to stop the prosecutor here? What police officers that took incorrect confessions from young people have ever been charged, or even exposed. In a 1994 case where a man in Missouri was charged and convicted with killing a fellow inmate, after two rounds of appeals through state and federal Courts, The Supreme Court decided to him, in a 5 to 4 case. Four of the Justices, in the face of overwhelming evidence of innocence, vote for his execution because the case had been closed in the State courts. Four Justices, they happened to be conservatives, Scalia among them, were quite willing to kill this man because there must be finality in criminal cases and this man had been through the courts twice with none of them looking at the evidence properly . He had had his day in court and 4 members of the Supreme Court joined in saying he should be executed, irrespective of evidence of innocence. They are not interested in justice. Scalia says it in a book he wrote, they are interested in "important cases". Jefferson predicted they would take over their jurisdiction, i.e. pick the cases to hear, and become corrupt and uncorrectable. He called impeachment a 'nugatory' check on the judiciary. We need to vote for the Federal Judges, and on the laws, and for the President and Vice President.

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