Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Don't take it anymore

The weak never revolt, never stand up, until they are forced to decide to "not take it" anymore. Here, in the U.S., and certainly around the world, people know they are almost totally powerless. Every revolution in history has been followed by another revolution. Every set of 'good rulers' goes bad and needs replaced. But suffrage expands. Democracy becomes the objective. We demand, or beg, depending on your view, for power to work for us. It never fully does. Representatives are the 'elected aristocracy'. Who makes the laws, rules. 538 representatives in the U.S. make our laws, spend 4 trillion dollars a year, a year, and are no more qualified to do so than the average citizen. And in other countries it's even worse. We need to change our government from a representative republic into an Actual Democracy. We need to Amend the Constitution so that the citizens are the legislature and vote directly on the laws. So that we elect the President and Vice President directly and vote for Judges rather than have political appointees for life judging us and the laws. That is freedom and political equality. Nothing else is. See assosactualdemocracy.com. In 5 to 7 years we can remove the possibility of grid lock in the legislature, gerrymandering for the Congress and Elector College, and powerlessness of the citizenry. It is essential to quit begging for representation and to represent ourselves. It is essential to quit begging for equality and freedom and vote for them directly.

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