Thursday, August 28, 2014

The United States of America is not a democracy

There has never been equality in America. Not at the time of the Declaration or the Constitution. To end Slavery took 80 years, 650,000 deaths in the civil war, and 3 Constitutional Amendments, and the balcks got the vote. It then took another 60 years for women to get the vote. Another 40 0r 50 to lower the voting age to 18. But there has always been a LIMIT on what we can vote for. We an only vote for Legislative representatives, and Selectors of our Executive Officer. We cannot vote for the laws we live under and we cannot vote directly for the Executive officers or the Judicial officers. We are far, far from a democracy. Every time you hear that America or the United States of America is a free and open democracy, it is incorrect, even a lie. The only political equality we will ever attain is to directly vote on the laws under which we live: an Actual democracy. Race, class, prejudice, whether inherent or learned, all become irrelevant when your vote has equal and direct power in determining the laws. See Join it. support it, work for your right to vote for equality and freedom and not have to beg someone else to vote for it for you.

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