Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to Democracy

We complain about government and join groups because we won't take it any more. Like the movie. There is a way out. It is really going back to the beginnings of democracy itself: fight to have your vote count. It doesn't count now. It's a vote for a representative that takes the power of our votes and uses it against us. And its been that way forever... But not really. Pericles in the funeral oration gives the picture of Athens's democracy: every citizen voting on the laws - he failed to say that slaves and women weren't citizens. It took America until 1865 to free the slaves and give them the vote. Until 1920 women couldn't vote. But those votes are for representatives, not the laws. Rousseau, Paine, Jefferson, J.S. Mill, Bertrand Russell all advocated that actual democracy, where the people vote directly on the laws, after raucous debate, is the 'ideal form' of government. Logistics made representative government necessary: we couldn't all sit together, debate and then vote on the laws. Today we can. We live under the electronic umbrella of Geo-synchronous communication satellites and debate all day long, over everything, and we vote for entertainers on Idol,Voice, X-Factor,etc. We can debate and vote on our laws, directly; we should make our nation an Actual Democracy: see assosactualdemocracy.com. Join it and support it. We need to be freed from the power we gave away being used against us. Only by taking it back can we make progress and return hope to America.

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