Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It is our responsibility, privilege, and right to vote directly for the laws under which we live: to live in an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY.
Today's technology now makes this possible. For example, American Idol, X-Factor,The Voice, and America Has Talent have the public cast votes for the best entertainer. If we can vote for the best entertainer we can vote for the best law, or vote against a bad one.
Since it our right to live in an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY and it is possible to do so, This Association is  committed to making our nation an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY.
The association seeks political equality and personal freedom for all. Therefore, a Constitutional Amendment along these tentative lines is required:
1. The legislative function of the United States shall be performed by the people according to legislation that the people enact.
2. The right of the citizens to directly vote for the laws under which they will live shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State.
The very idea that the people are to have the power and freedom to directly vote on their own laws will be opposed by the existing power structure with all the time, money, and energy they can muster.
Those of us who believe in freedom and justice, who understand and are willing to work for ACTUAL DEMOCRACY may well not succeed in the effort to make it a reality unless we pool our individual power, talent, and money to succeed in electing representatives who will vote to put themselves out of work and make us the legislature --- directly, without representatives.
If you are of a mind to be free and equal in an ACTUAL DEMOCRACY join us now as a member, volunteer, contributor,  and even as a critic.

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