Thursday, October 31, 2013

Being Punished by the Republicans

Just thinking about the Republican actions and reactions of the last 5 years. Recently, it seems obvious, that the Republican Party is simply so angry about loosing the Presidency to 'a half breed black man' , over their wealthy WASP candidates, that they have decided to "punish" the people of the United States for having 'done this to them'. And they are doing it.

The natural reaction is for the people to 'backlash' against them and vote others into office. 

But that is just futility: our Representatives are Aristocrats with term limits.

The real reaction to 'our punishment' is not to put someone else into their office but to simply do away with the office altogether.

We must change the Constitution so the people vote for the laws, and not for people who make the laws.  (See Jefferson's letter to Taylor, posted earlier today, and the excerpt from Tomas Paine's "Common Sense", also posted today).

Retribution is not a god reason  to act on anything, but when it comes along with doing the right thing,  it makes the right thing sightly sweeter.  "Human Nature ha it's bad side, too"

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