Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump soliciting murder of Hillary Clinton

Trump didn't solicit murder anymore than O'Reilly did. Not anymore than his wife committed plagiarism. If you remember,only two weeks ago, Trump and his campaign flunkies swore, for two days, there was no Plagiarism. Then they said, after two days of fervent defense saying she was innocent, that , yeah, she was guilty. Trump is a vicious, thoughtless (though he thinks he can fool all of us all of the time), absolute liar, and desparate as any human being ever was to be in the limelight. But soliciting murder of Mrs. Clinton is going too far, and is a crime. He should be arrested and charged. Any jury of liberals would say "lock him up" and any jury of Republicans would say, He's innocent. Whatever he is, he isn't innocent. He is just the most despicable person I've ever seen. And I used to think it was me.

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