Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why Trump IS the best the Republican Party has.

What the 'Republican Establishment' doesn't understand is that the people in the Republican Party are sick and tired of not being represented by their Representatives. Their votes are cast and then disregarded. The two junior Senators of Cuban ancestorage are both good examples of this. They haven't done anything but aide the Senate is blocking the governing of America. They are not only not doing anything, they are keeping others from doing anything. Trump is winning because he is a better person, more truthful, more self-confident,less dependent on the Rich, who buy all the elections. Trump is the best candidate the people of the Republican Party see out there. And they are Right. Donald Trump is best Republican left, because of the void of work and effort For the People. Now they look around and say "Trump can't be the best Republican". But they are wrong, he is. And consequently, the real politicians who have worked for the Nation for the last 20 years will bury the Republicans in the general election. Not one Republican candidate can point to any accomplishment that made America better. They even failed in their prime aspiration, stopping Obama. The economy is better. More people are working. More people have health care, energy prices are down, the people feel better now than 8 ears ago: while the Republicans fought against these things happening. They now have the least competent candidate in history because he is the best the Republican party members have. Good.

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