Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Objective is to change the world through responsibility

We are responsible for our own government. Just ask them, they'll tell you we are. More Representatives say we have the government we chose than we say it.

The point is, we haven't chosen the government. The laws defining how we must act and how we must spend or money are the guide for the Exeutive. The Legislature is the Government. And we do't make any laws and certainly don't vote on any laws. Jefferson frequently complained that each generation was burdened by the laws and attitudes of the previous generation. The only way the laws can be kept abreast of the advances of the society is if the people vote for those laws and do not vote for Representatives to continue to make our laws for us. The only way we will be responsible for our own government is when we are our own government, our own legislature.

All the complaints, all the sit-downs and occupyings; all the great causes that we are espousing: equal financial opportunities, equal protection before the law, security from information seizure and freedom to speak the truth - the embarrassing truth - about the corruption, ignorance, and indifference with which the governments treats the people; all of this is fruitless.  It is fruitless because we have no real plan and no real intent to change our Representtive Government, our elected Aristocracy.  We are simply whining to them, thretening to replace them with lesss repressive Representatives. We haven't faced fully seen or accepted the truth: it is our responsibility to be make the laws, to NOT be represented, but to on the responsibility ourselves, for ourselves - and all the future citizens.

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