Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Corporations standing against the State's Voter Suppression Laws

 Big Business has not suddenly lost sight of 'self-interest' and Capitalism. They simply don't want to be governed by an autocratic, centralized, vote and voter controlling Republican, or any other autocratic government, fascist, communist, Nazi, or monarchist, just like Jefferson and Madison didn't want it. They don't want stupid incompetent liars to be able to set their prices, determine who they can hire, tax them in arbitrary ways, and take away their independence. The Corporations control the economy and they will not give up that control to a bunch of unemployable lawyers who the corporations have put into office thinking they run the economy. This is just a tap on the shoulder: "We run things. Not the government, certainly not the people. Get in line or we'll buy different dummies to follow our orders.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

The Ugly Americans

It was insulting when we were "The Ugly Americans" because of uneducated, unread, uncultured new rich traveling the world and exposing our national ignorance and prejudices. But now, now we ARE the ignorant, uncultured, ugly people with degrees from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. mostly in underwater basket weaving. Not only did the ignorant politicianns just fail over a half million dead Americans and their families and friends. Not only did Congressmen sign on to a Trump suit asking the Supreme Court to appoint the biggest idiot ever in politics as Dictator for life, those politicians didn't even understand, and don't to today know what the hell they were doing. Their Oligarchs sent their chauffeurs down to Congress to tell their flunckies what to do, and their flunkies did. Up with MAGA, Down with the United States. please, bring back the Ugly Americans, these stupid ones just make me laugh, 'til I cry, and think how I loved being an American. All my life I've been a sucker: God, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Good triumphs over evil 'cause its nicer, Study math & science, make the world better for Republicans. Hell, even our Scientists failed us. But I knew, I saw it all coming, when the Senate put lying dog Justice Thomas on the Supreme Court, I knew America had died. Maybe Hamilton was right, maybe the people aren't wise enough to govern themselves. Only Jefferson answered him, "Then they should govern others?" And Gaetz and Trump say, "Certainly we should. We're smart." 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Republicans Need to Suppress Voting

The Republicans have strategies to 'steal' elections because their policies are mostly "power centric" aimed, not at freedom, people, equality, hopeful policies. Since Nixon, the really good "rotten" Republican the Republicans have had mostly second rate candidates, Carl Rove lying to voters, nobody saying we're going to improve our Country, except they will make more planes and ships and bombs for the Army - The Russians are coming the Russians are coming. Our education system has more administrators in it than teachers. Our roads are 40% refilled pot holes. Our businesses get 20% of their profit from tax relief and lower wages, no unions, no unions! Everything is a "Competition", like we're still in the jungle fighting for bones. 12 to 15% of Americans are in poverty. Single mothers, fathers in jail, black people shot down in the streets, guns for killing each other manufactured faster than hot dogs. The Republicans have a failed philosophy, a group of selfish money grubbing fools, fools: power hungry, and totally incompetent Republicans. They have no decent objectives, except quit democracy; no decent path to recruiting anyone but the bottom of the class. They have admitted, in Supreme court argument, that they can't win an election unless the Courts let them suppress the votes of the voters who know they are stupid worthless people. They cannot compete for votes because they don't believe in voters, or the people, or progress. Get the money, get money, Republicans!


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Answer to NYT "Loving America"

 Love America? Everybody else can only tie me. There is no greater lover, or critic, of America. America is flawed, and shows it is flawed in every failed and stupid action its taken in the last few generations. But Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Franklin, Madison, Monroe, oh, yeah, Hamilton the signers of the Declaration and Constitution have my respect for their attempt, & failure, to put a lid on power grabbing, people crushing, capitalism; mankind abuse with (3/5ths a person) Slavery; misogyny in voting equality, freedom limiting with the layer of Representation in electing Senators, in electing Presidents, in selecting Judges, because they believed 'man is not wise enough' to govern himself.(Except Jefferson.) The landowners, slaver owners, said no man can be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, and let only 35% of the people vote for Representatives, and only 20% qualified for office. But it was aspirational by bright and courageous people. Lincoln stood up for it and removed slavery, on paper, but not from history. But the Constitution is Amendable. And Madison started with the Bill of Rights'. And the Preamble to the Constitution famously pushes us to make a "more perfect Union". It's a 'hard slog'. We will become an Actual Democracy: the people will directly vote for the laws, for the President, and for the Judges. One Amendment away: see assocactualdemocracy.com. I love America, I love life, and I aspire to the removal of man's inhumanities to man'.

Response to NYT columnist saying Dr. Seuss has bias in some books.

 So we shouldn't read Mark Twin? How about William Faulkner? Remove the examples of "normal racism" and you denigrate the fight against it. They demonstrate that people can acclimate themselves to any and all philosophies. And seems, especially the horrible ones. I think it's because of our prayer for magic. Maybe rotten does make us superior. But that's irrelevant. The truth is that there have been slaves for 10,000 years and a fair percentage of them were, and are, black. And white and toddlers and all exposed to man's inhumanities to man. And now you say tear up some of the little books that unintentionally, probably, but its irrelevant, have some bias. There's ten times the bias, black bias, in the Bible and the Koran, etc. Tear them up and I'll come to your funeral. Education and understanding is how you fight all ignorance. Get your head out of your column and get it into the human race. Oh, yeah, you won't get paid unless you, as a journalist, don't start some kind of fight, rather than help cure a human ill.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

We Overcame a lot of Stupidity, Lies, and Crimes. We should avoid having to do so...

"WE" did confront the Republican 'monarchists'. Even though we've lost a lot of lives due to the Republican ineptness at running a government, stealing a lot of money, being anti-law, and wanting to make Trump the dictator he wants to be. Twice we put him on trial and three times we told ourselves and the world Trump is crazy, inept, and The Republicans are just as crazy, thinking they can sell us a dictator, and one that is so incompetent and stupid in the bargain. The Press, NYT, WOP , CBX, NBC, ABC news, all helped, to a large degree. The majority of the Country read a little of the Constitution, a little of our history, even learned how rotten and inhumane we've been with the Blacks and Women in America. The Religious wars are going on and the conspiracy lovers use God, hate, fear, and didn't sell it all very well. America held. Our generation has stopped a lot of stupidity: the Vietnam War that the Pentagon knew we couldn't win, the Nixon crook, now the Trump crook and dealer in death and destruction. Public opinion has brought a lot of people to see that if you don't participate, talk back against ignorance and hate, and selfishness you end up spreading the hate and stupidity. I'm proud of us overcoming the Republican threat, as we did with McCarthy, etc. The trouble is the lunatic fringe needs confronted more and more. Science needs taught, emphasized, it works. magic fails us. Truth saves us. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

McConnell the 'Moscow Mitch' Shirker

 McConnell did what he always does, he shirked his responsibilities to the people and pretended to care about the law because he has no personal affection or feels any responsibility either for the law or the people. Power is all he knows, all he cares about, and all he stands up for, his power.  As a not too overly bright person myself I follow most of the 'smooth moves', 'thoughtful insights' and they are shallow ragged moves that aren't particularly insightful. To say Trump should be charged by the DOJ is the most repeated line of the news since Jan 6th. To say he hasn't gotten away with anything, yet, is wrong; he got away with 300 incompetent Federal Judges appointed through The Republican Senate that McConnell led. He got away with being a Russian Traitor by putting Mueller in as Special Counsel and avoiding both impeachment and indictment. And now he's gotten away with advocating the violent overthrow of the Government because nobody remembers the Smith Act and the Joe McCarthy Republican show of shows. It's all a meaningless joke, unless you're still in your thirties and you know your parents generation, the one that stopped a war and fired a President (while they were high), just Okayed a President sending riotous ugly people to kill 538 members of the Legislature and watch 43 of those 'weak Republican Senators' vote that it wasn't a high crime or misdemeanor per the Constitution. The guys he tried to kill say it's ok to try and kill them and make yourself Dictator of America.  And, we are still paying those stinking ugly imbeciles who rewarded Trump, the head of the 'Murder Incorporated' gang that came to kill them. Dumb as rocks, the Republican Senators, and twice as ugly. Turn America over, it's done.