Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Norman Lear, creator of Archey Bunker turned a hundred...

 Norman Lear is a funny, ha-ha, man who creates humor because he sees the horror and absurdity of life. He knows that the absurdity and horror is only the beginning of the story. We are sent into the world of politics and spurred to "make a more perfect Union", a more perfect world, a world where man's inhumanities to man are done and over. Comedy is the best teacher of life, love, futility, and aspirations. The saving grace of mankind is the ability to laugh at ourselves. Too many of our 'leaders' can't laugh at themselves, their way of life, their personal philosophies. These are the "I am Great" people; the 'follow me people, the actual "Lost and hollow, Beat and angry" people and not the ones who expose it to themselves or the world. When you can't laugh at the "Human Condition" you can't begin to fix it. You can deny it's existence and its 'horror and absurdity', You end preaching against it, fighting for power and glory and command over others. See Alexander, Caesar, the Kings and Emperors and Dictators of history. We don't pictures of them laughing, dancing, singing in the rain. We see them killing us, taking our life's work, taking our lives and the lives of our loved one's. They take away the Comedy of life by being the tragedy of life. We need to bless men like Norman Lear. Live, love, laugh, and be happy - and stand against stupidity, greed, power hungry, money grubbing, selfish, small, ideas and people. I'm getting off my soup box.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Not Indicting Trump and not going to war: More American failures

 As soon as Trump lost the presidebcy the DOJ should have gone to the House of Representatives and opened Mueller's repot and indicted Trump on the irrefutable evidence of the two impeachments and the 10 obstruction of Justice charges Mueller's second volume laid out. the DOJ didn't bring the charges. Still haven't brought them, why? Too many 'higher-ups' colluded with TRUMP and the Republicans and they would have to lock up many f their own "honorable men".

Bush had his own "Putin war" war without justification: I'm still waiting for the weapons of mass-destruction to be found. Then there's the 8th amendment problem: "no cruel and unusual punishment": like torturing people and keeping them with charges brought for 20 years. I can't believe the United States Government tortured people in my name. So there are people above the law: the liars, cheats and thieves that buy our votes, our lone power, and use them against us. Generation of vipers, un-educators, and horror show doesn't end. While I'm at it: America, the U.S.A. has been preparing to fight Russia for 77 years. (See the ten nuclear powered aircraft carriers ) and Putin called the war and we didn't go. We've paid 300 million to 700 million over each of the last 20-30 years to the military and the war starts and we don't fight. Wonder why I want to move to a civilized nation.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Weak, pathetic, lost politicians...

 Too old is not a good, or decent, reason to assert Biden unfit. Too afraid, too diplomatic, too weak, are excellent reasons for him to step aside in the 2024 elections. He was perfect for defeating the lying, raw, uneducated, fool of Trump and Trumpism. But the next President doesn't only have to defeat pathetic 600 word vocabulary pathological liar Trump but he has to defeat liars, cheats, and thieves, of great strength, cunning, who have a determination to keep the poor poor and the rich richer. The Republicans, since Herbart Hoover - President of the tragic depression, and Nixon, Watergate lying mastermind, and Reagan, "I don't recall' selling the Constitution down the drain" along with Bush, "There are weapons of mass destruction": lies, and subsequent American deaths, death by lies and mental short-comings, until Trump, pathologic liar, third grade goon, paid people off to not show he failed every class in college, and tried to cover up his lack of ability by any and all means , gave us a supreme Court that committed suicide in public - you can't make this foolish, governmental incompetence up.

The republicans are fools and the Democrats are afraid of fools. Kiss your loved one's goodbye, neither you nor they are strong enough to push back on Republican fools and 'would be kings'. The would be kings are pathetic but not as pathetic as those who stand aside so they can return to slavery, poverty, and failed education. We're done, turn us over.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

'A Nation (more) at Risk'

 "A Nation at Risk" concluded:

"The Commission found that not enough of the academically able students are being attracted to teaching; that teacher preparation programs need substantial improvement; that the professional working life of teachers is on the whole unacceptable; and that a serious shortage of teachers exists in key fields.
􀁸 Too many teachers are being drawn from the bottom quarter of graduating high school and college students.
􀁸 The teacher preparation curriculum is weighted heavily with courses in
"educational methods" at the expense of courses in subjects to be taught. A
survey of 1,350 institutions training teachers indicated that 41 percent of the time of elementary school teacher candidates is spent in education courses, which reduces the amount of time available for subject matter courses."

But we must understand: "Poorly educated billionaires choose 70% of our governing politicians and these 'American Oligarchs' have destroyed America while guaranteeing they get richer and the poor get children.

Americans have lost faith in their government because the government is run by stupid people stealing all the tax dollars and getting 10 cents on a dollar worth of return on our tax dollars. The Republicans are especially guilty of this. Our Congresses, state and Federal, are comprised of lawyers who couldn't get jobs in Firms or Industries. We have less than 10% of our high school students learning any physics. And it's only the basis to how everything works.

We have lost faith in our government because it lies, cheats, and steals everything not tied down. Raw uneducated, conceited fools and the fault lies with us. We spend 20 minutes a year picking our governing bodies. You can turn America over, it's done.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Democrats, especiall Att. General Garland are too weak..

 Garland is an obvious coward: the impeachment evidence against Trump is perfect proof Trump is a traitor. Garland refuses to put it before a Grand Jury. The Mueller report evidence against Trump is incontrovertible: Garland won't put it in front of a grand jury. WHY? Coward, puppet of Republicans, or fool: take your pick. I say he is totally unfit for the tough job of protecting American Justice and the Department of Justice. He's worried about losing more then concerned about saving America from Lying, cheating, power grabbing fools. As a result, his personal evaluation of his duty leads us to authoritarian government, Trump or Republican's taking complete control of American law, and morals, or simple dictatorship. All of which could be stopped by one indictment, one trial, and win or loose consequences, doing his duty. He is unfit because he is too self conscious about "his position in history". Coward or fool doesn't matter: America cannot survive his inaction. Indict Trump or give up freedom! And he won't, because of who he is, indict Trump. And Biden is not strong enough to tell him to indict. Kiss America good bye! No weapons of mass destruction, no impeachment of Trump, and subsequently, no indictment of Trump. American democracy and rule of law has failed and you can sing "Hail to the King" because of the cowards who we have elected. They aren't big enough, tough enough, smart enough, strong enough to do the right thing for the Government of the People, for the People and by the People. So it will perish from this Earth. Pity. It could have been so good if they had been good enough. They simply aren't.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Supreme Court Surrenders it's basis of Authority. It's become a group of Bible Thumping dictators.

 The Supreme Court, and it's internal majority of lunatic fringe Republicans, has taken away the right of women to control their own bodies, their own lives. We must now ignore all the Supreme court decisions. They are not answerable to us. We should no longer be answerable to them. Jefferson was right: the Constitutional Article 3 Judges are not answerable to the people, to the Executive, or to the Legislature. Now they have become wild religious supporters and against Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, and take away rights from the people for the 'benefit' of bible thumpers they have betrayed the Constitution and the people. Since they are no longer protecting the law they have become rulers and given up being public servants. Ignore the Supreme Court rulings. They cannot enforce them: they have no police force, no army, nothing but their words and their words say you are slaves again, as they said in Dred Scott (~1850) decision that gave us the Civil War.

We need an Actual Democracy: the people must become the legislature and vote directly on the laws they live under. We must vote directly for the President and do away with the Electoral College. We must vote directly for judges making them answerable to the people. See, advocating for Actual Democracy since 2014.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

 If the Biden administration was interested in indicting Trump they would have taken the two impeachment transcripts from the House and put them in front of a grand jury, period.

They are obviously afraid of "backlash" from the public, where they could be seen as using the law against political opponents. I am more afraid of my nation being afraid of defending my nation from those who would be king, for our good, and their greater good, and to get their hands on the treasury, the education of our children, the army, the full faith and credit of the United states. It's more important to stop would be kings and dictators than to believe "I'll look bad trying to save America". You'll look a lot worse when Trump and Moscow Mitch have taken over the Congress, arrested the Democrats and killed them all. Another hundred years of a failed Republic will follow. We need Actual Democracy now. The people must become the Legislature and vote directly on the laws, directly on the President (no electoral college), and directly on Judges ( no more Judge for life appointed by a President but voted in by the people for 9 year term, making the Judges finally answerable to the people, rather than the other way around: we the people are answerable to 9 judges. They caused the civil war with the Dread Scott Decision; now they have ruled "money is speech", women are slaves, the poor are irrelevant, and the gun manufacturers are the Aristocracy who pick out 'Representatives' and kill our children. See the 2014 website and contribute.